Roses and Noses.

Never one to remember things like
The color or smell of roses,
Lily was rather one to trip little boys,
And wonder about eating from picked noses.
This worried her mother,
And as most mothers might do
Lily’s mother soon enrolled her daughter
In a dance class, or two.
There Lily met some Roses, Tulips,
Daisies, Summers, and Mays,
Little girls who thought boys were
Strictly for kisses and play.
Lily tried to dance along but
Tripped over her pink toes,
And skinned both her knees,
And fell flat on her nose.
Lily learned this hard way,
That tripping is no fun,
So she made a deal with her mother,
‘Twas a rather fair one.
Lily promised to be nice,
To not trip little Billy.
The promise came with a price,
Mother must trust the growth of her Lily.


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