Me-gellen and Cool-umbus

Portrait of an Explorer,
Author, at age 4,
In front of the actual “lake.”

What’s our goal today? I ask my cohorts,
Unanimously:  exploring ships and old forts.
Most of our town is certainly charted,
By old men who got there before we had started.

We head west, it’s a good place to start.
We walk single file, we heard that it’s smart.
We reach the spot where home meets wild
My insides felt fear but my outside just smiled.

First step in the weeds, at first snapping stick,
Our heartbeats and feet from slow to quick.
I lead the way, with my shoulder draped sweater
As our dusty shoes begin to get wetter.

Magellan, Columbus, Raleigh, and Drake
We pushed through reeds surrounding the lake.
We find an old ship, a beautiful skiff
To carry our cargo of quadruple mischief.

Across the lake, I drop our stone anchor,
And bow farewell to our trusty ole’ tanker.
The sun inches high in the hot summer sky
And hot salty tears our skin starts to cry.

It’s quite alright, I say to my peers
We’ve plenty of rations, quell your fears.
Soon we reach what we’d hoped to unearth
It must have treasure of unnameable worth!

The building was ancient, the roof missing tile,
With glass windows chipped in a dangerous smile.
We entered through what I think was a wall,
But the first sight inside made my sweaty skin crawl.

The bone-white skull of an enormous stag
With shadows dancing, making it wag.
Our fear was not in this enormous ex-beast
But in what enormous-er creature chose this feast.

We made it home, in the quickest blink
Still the bravest explorers, I do think.

(Likely to be continued, I got sleepy).


One comment

  1. Lisa · September 5, 2012

    Wow, this is good, can’t wait for its continuation. Grama loves too!

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