The Importance of Earned Rest

The Park

I must admit that I felt stressed
No time to recoup to be my best.
I’d agreed to take on too many tasks.
When can we rest? My body asks.
Not today, as I wake for my jog.
My muscles were tired, my mind a bog.

I stepped outside, to my surprise
The sky was darker, looked almost night.
I should have noticed this as a warning,
But continued on my routine morning.
My mind was still a little cloudy,
As I entered the park things got rowdy.
I was jogging along, nearly prancing
When hovering shapes were quickly advancing
I squinted at shapes going by so fast,
Witches on brooms were flying past!
I screamed and ran as fast as I could,
Which I hoped was faster than magical wood.
My mind yelled turn and just head back!
But I also feared a witch attack.

I reached the end of the path so winding,
Hoped that would be my last spooky finding.
I thought it safe, to run through a clearing
But saw hundreds of glowing eyeballs, peering.
I raced past the eyes, not wanting to look,
And ended up next to a babbling brook.
What a nice surprise, I thought with a shiver,
Then it turned into a wide, rushing river.
Poured over the banks and swept me a ways
To the bottom of a valley with a misty haze.
A sign was posted, “Hellman’s Hollow,”
A lump in my throat, I couldn’t swallow.
I raced away, I feared being caught
By evils within this ominous spot.
I then passed by a little pond,
Of waterbodies, I was not fond.

Near the edge of the pond sat a large rock,
Carved in the same shape as a large crock.
On top the rock little lizards were perched,
How cute! But then, my stomach lurched.
The rock had a mouth, with sharp teeth inside,
Then I noticed the rock’s scaly, green hide.
It wasn’t a rock but a real gator, alive!
With baby gators on top?! I ran to survive.
Just past the pond was another big field,
I nervously wondered what it might yield.
My fears confirmed, when to my right
Ten large creatures, a ghoulish sight.
Beasts with eyes of scarlet red,
And two sharp horns upon each head
Came charging out of a nearby stable.
I ran as fast as I was able.

I must be nearing the end of the park!
But ahead, a huge figure loomed in the dark.
As I moved closer my ears were aware,
The sound of blades slicing the air.
The circling blades blocked my way,
I crawled off the path, to not become prey.
I finally made it to the other side,
Found myself on a stretch of sand so wide
A beach! I loved the waves, a soothing sound!
I felt my feet lifting off the ground.
I opened my eyes, I was laying in bed,
The foggy feeling seeping out of my head.

I started on my second run,
This time under a sleepy sun.
I ran through winding trees where witches flew,
And passed cyclists on their morning commute.
Next I ran through the clearing, to my surprise,
Was filled with bright flowers and not bright eyes.
Babbling brook calmy flowed as I ran down the path,
No longer intent on sweeping me into its wrath.
Hellman’s Hollow at the bottom was a nice green gully,
The mist caused by sprinklers, sprinkling dully.
Approached a pond, with a turtle shaped rock,
And five little turtles, sunbathing on top!
Where the demon-eyed beasts charged in a mass,
Nonchalant buffalo munched on some grass.
Past the buffalo I marched, happy and free.
Past a windmill whooshing, unconcerned with me.
At the end of the beach, I reached the Pacific Ocean,
This time, happy to have enjoyed the park’s commotion.
It was as if the dream told me to have a little more fun,
For I realized a stressed mind is a dangerous one.



  1. Tom · September 12, 2012

    Dynamite, peanut! Has a Halloween flavor.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Lisa · September 12, 2012

    Love your story, felt like I was in the park too! Great job Jess, now please get some rest!

  3. Aunt Celia · September 12, 2012

    Are you working too hard on that law degree? Love, love, love this one! And you too!

  4. Smo · September 21, 2012

    Was this an actual dream?? So scary!!! But makes for an awesome poem!!! 🙂

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