The Richest Man

He was the Richest Man in all the Lands
He had two serious, very serious demands.
He only ate out of the palm of jeweled hands
And he would only drink water as it ran.

He had seven servants for seven courses,
And waterfalls for drinking sources.
He also used economical forces
To make servants pour drinks from tall horses.

His life was ruled by inordinate greed
‘Til he saw a small child in desperate need.
The child had no more food to eat,
And was living, in cold, on the street.

The man was at his favorite diner
Being quite the snobby whiner,
“I’ve dined at restaurants so much finer!”
His problems could not be more minor.

Then something caught the Richest Man’s eye,
Through glass he saw the small child cry.
He realized his worth was but a lie
When measured by what his money could buy.

Now he uses his hands to help others out,
And provides water to those in times of drought.
No longer one to scream at waiters and pout,
The Richest Man in the Lands changed his route.



  1. lisa · September 15, 2012

    This story is like a dream come true! Very good, we like it!!

  2. Aunt Celia · September 16, 2012

    We all should be that ‘rich’ man! Very good Jess!

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