What’s in Store

When Mom asked if I wanted to go to this place,
I guess I said no with the look on my face.
“Can’t be sure you won’t like it til you’ve tried!”
My mouth dropped to the floor as I walked inside.
Flat wooden limbs bearing fruits galore,
With hundreds of bites of knowledge in store.
So many colors and fruits that I’d never seen,
I picked a red one, a velvet one, a blue one, a green.
I carried as many as my happy arms could hold
Gripping them as if they were made out of gold.
After picking our fruit, we walked to where we check out,
Just like a store, scanning goods before we went out.
The farmer of this place gave me a card with my name,
And said I could come back again and again.
I decided library books are my new favorite crop,
And, library, I think you’re my new favorite shop.


One comment

  1. Lisa · September 25, 2012

    Great one, I do like it, the first 4 lines definitely got my attention, famous last words…the more I read the more I like. Your writing brings images to my mind!

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