Milly the adolunarscent lives up on the moon.
She ate her morning Loopios with a moonrock spoon.
She strapped on her moonboots made of titanium and lead,
Pulled the numbered mooniform up over her moon-shaped head.
Her parents jabbered on the long drive to the match.
Her stomach churned with nerves,she closed her eyes to nap.
Milly’s moonievan pulled up, and parked in the dirt.
Milly gazed out the window, and stared at the Earth.
She wondered if it had her favorite game, moontball?
But the planet out there looked empty and so small.
Milly jumped out of the car and then gave a big high-three
To all the other moombers of her All-Star moontball team.
Then they ran down the crater to the middle of the court.
The lunarmpire whistled, let out a throat-clearing snort,
“Gentlemoons and Lunardies, are you ready for today?
And witnessing this great match these happy moonchilds will play?”
The crater was lined with chalk, using lunoculars to peer in,
Looking down at the field, the crowd lined the rim.
Milly could see the Earth over the top of the crater.
She’d discover what games they played down on Earth, later.



  1. Aunt Celia · October 31, 2012

    Once a soccer player always a soccer player! Loved it!

  2. Lisa · November 1, 2012

    Ah we like it, very creative tongue twister and who knows just maybe…..

  3. Carl · July 14, 2013

    My video I titled RuMOONations: Ruminations on the Moon. I searched the world-wide-web for the word “rumoonations” and I came to this site. And thusly, read your poem. I love it. I LOVE IT! I am now going to browse your site.

    Such a creative writer! I had the entire scene and images in my head. You are very talented, whoever you are!…..

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