Daucus Carota

They said I could not have a pet ferret,
I understood why because they are quite smelly.
I went to the fridge and pulled out a carrot
As a substitute pet, and not for my belly.

We had a whole bushel, thought we could spare it.
When I held out the leash, Carrot said don’t you dare,
I told him if he wanted to go out he must wear it.
I put on the leash, and we went down the stair.

As we stood in the yard, I thought of my last pet,
A rabbit who escaped from the house to the grass.
I wondered if they’d have been friends if they met,
Although Carrot seemed cold and quite crass.

I looked down at Carrot, but Carrot was gone,
Inspected the leash, found nothing funny.
Searched for Carrot from dusk til dawn,
I at least hope that Carrot found bunny!


One comment

  1. lisa · December 5, 2012

    All your poems are so clever, you need to write and illustrate a children’s collection of your work. So fun, imaginative and visual. The disappearance of Daucus Carota, good one.

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