Uphill Billy and Downtown Sam

They prattled and chirped on the morning commute
It kept me awake—with no button for “mute.”
Their names are silly? They may not be from birth,
But earned from the way, this day, they spoke words.
Based on Billy’s size I bet that his voice would be booming,
His belt-line suggests he spent some time consuming.
Air in front of his mouth must form a steep incline
Words crawled out and trudged up the long climb.
Years later the words reached the top of the peak,
“Dear Billy, use your belly, just belt it out! Speak!”
When he finished his sentence an hour had passed,
Downtown Sam, little Sam, spoke five times as fast.
Her mouth a garage, her words waiting inside
To hop on a bike, and speed out for a ride.
Her tongue – sloping driveway, the words gaining speed
All the way down to town. “Sam – the brakes! You need…”


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