Derivative Cryability

They say that hardship is halved when shared.
Tell me next time you’re feeling sorrow.
I have a friend, happy to help in repair,
Whose services you’d like to borrow.

Britt was born with a wonderful gift,
A physical skill plus infinite cheer.
Her tear ducts are run by an on-off switch
Turning on anytime someone crying is near.

When her tears turn on, the cry balance shifts.
Suddenly, you will feel lighter than air.
Your tear trickle slows, your sadness lifts,
Oh but for Britt you ask, is it fair?

Don’t worry she won’t be burdened with pain,
To her its just tears with no blues.
And to help stay dry from her daily tear rain,
Wears small umbrellas over her shoes.


One comment

  1. LAA · June 1, 2013

    like this, we all need a Britt

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