Love Is A Many Aroma-ed Thing

Most people are reminded of
Their loved ones by flowers,
Wanting to sit in a field,
Sniff and  ruminate for hours.
The scent of roses, daisies,
Fragrant petals and such,
Mimic their love for another,
But for me – this is too much.
When I walk by a swamp,
A dump, can, or a bog,
Or smell air filled with
Acid rain, smoke, or fog,
Or when I walk by a tooter,
Or a dog squatting on grass,
Or if Cupid is kind,
By a cow farm I pass:

That’s when I think of you.

Most people upon hearing,
Melodious music and sounds,
Daydream of wonderful times
Spent in their lovers bounds.
The sweet sounds simmer
In a soft spot in their heart,
And remind them they mustn’t
Spend a second apart.
I must admit, sometimes
I slide into this state of mind,
But for the most part I
Consider myself not of this kind.
When I hear music that
Makes my bones rattle,
My muscles tighten & flex
Jams that are a battle
Between thirty-two instruments,
With words that usually
Make little sense.

That’s when I think of you.



  1. LAA · February 25, 2013

    I love it more each time I read it! So funny and sad all at the same time! No-one will ever say to you…”Get in touch with your feelings girl”

    • CMS · February 27, 2013

      Certainly allows a glimpse of where your heart was back then! Love it Jess!

  2. Ari · April 11, 2013

    love this one.

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