Miles Per Giggle

My great grandfather owned a gas station,
The first fuel pump in all of the nation.
Well maybe not nation but first in my town,
Well before laughter fueled us around.

Perhaps ingenuity skips a generation
Because my father ignited the transformation
From cars using gas to giggles and hees,
And laughter, not gas fumes, filling the breeze.

It happened one day when we ran out of gas,
Began telling jokes to help the time pass.
We burst out with laughter, the car it roared
With laughter too, and the gas was floored.

The rest, is history, as you are aware,
Each somber drive now a jolly affair.
And if you are alone and can’t conjure up laughter,
At a station buy bottles of hearty laughs – captured.

And now more folks plan on driving together
‘Cause laughing with two or more is much better.
Travelers are not alone in now feeling sunny,
The economy is thriving, and embracing funny.


One comment

  1. LAA · April 1, 2013

    We love it, struck a happy memory 🙂

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