You Called?

Buzzer buzzes, I must get going,
Time for me to get out of this head.
It’s early but the juices must be flowing.
It’s my job, so I pop out of bed.

As soon as I’m up, I’m raring to go.
Scramble into my blue coveralls,
Grab my yellow hard hat, I’m out the door
And I jog down the soft spongy halls,

I get to the drum, and turn left and then right,
A maneuver I could do in my sleep.
On the other side, I run into my team,
We continue on shuffling like sheep.

Squeeze through the lobe out into the open,
I turn to grip the craggly ear.
Hoist myself up the familiar path,
Always happy heights isn’t my fear.

At the top of the ear, I grip the hair
In clumps to help as I climb.
I start to sweat as I summit the hill,
And plant my feet on the top of her mind.

“Okay, team, are you ready to go?
Looks like we’ve got a medium drip.”
Our Captain announces as we all gather,
And start on our cross-cranium trip.

We hike across to the head’s middle,
Surveyor inspects the spot with care,
Picks six patches, begins battening,
Tying ropes to thick pieces of hair.

Anchor Men and Women stay behind,
Securing the ropes at the base.
We march forward to the head’s front,
Naturally we quicken our pace.

Nearly there, we fall to a crawl,
Til’ we reach the cliff of the face.
Belly-down we peer over the edge,
Sheer drop always makes my heart race.

I peek behind to check my team,
Ten brave members lining the rope,
A pair of strong hands grip my ankles,
And I settle down into the slope.

Quick nod to my other Cliff Hangers
Fasten a foam hook to the rope’s end,
Slowly lower it down over the drop,
Being careful not to let it bend.

Over the brow, nearly touching the lash,
The hook dangles at the base of the lid.
A short swing toward the eye, a brace, a tug,
Then pulling up as if catching a squid.

My job is obscure, but the perks are swell,
And my boss is a magical bean,
Helping keep eyes in a locked position,
She is otherwise known as Caffeine.


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