Hubble’s Handbag

What do you carry in your bag of brains,
Marvels, and memories and little word games?
Do you pack a calculator for everyday use?
A wrench for tightening when things get loose?
A fan for cooling those overworked fuses?
Some ice and heat for soothing your bruises?
A scosh of sun in a sealed tight jar?
A map for days you want to go far?
Photos of everything you’ve ever seen?
A cinema screen to watch as you dream?
A notebook of names, a binder of musings?
A gold case of moments especially amusing?
Got a telescope for long-distance viewing?
A cauldron bubbling with ideas stewing?
Files filled full of insightful defeats
Next to a stack of success recipes?
Records tooting your favorite tunes?
A safebox of sweet words that once made you swoon?
An album of faces you’ll never forget,
Blank pages for ones you haven’t met yet?
The size of the satchel is constantly growing
So don’t stop now, keep on stowing!



  1. LAA · October 27, 2013

    What a great idea, and your words are perfect. Reminds me of monsters inc. but instead of doors are files and all are different! You ideas paint pictures in my brain when I’m reading them… Like that quality of illustrative writing. Good job!

  2. Aunt Celia · October 27, 2013

    Jess…I think this is one of my favorites! Stupendous!

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