When I Discovered It

Crawling on my hands and knees,
I crossed the threshold of my room.
Toward bed I go to dream of trees,
My other haven since the womb.

Alas I stop before I reach
The place I want to rest my head.
I find a figure in front of me
Blocking the path to my bed.

With limbs like mine but very small,
Laying still, It stirs then rises.
It turns to me, eyes wide, then falls.
Are we the same, but different sizes?

I scoop It up and hold It near,
Wonder about my treasured find.
Concerns of who has left this here
Are quickly pushed out of my mind.

In my palm, the size of a yolk,
It blinks, eyes brimmed with blue and dread,
With my other hand I lightly stroke
A golden nest atop Its head.

Time passes, our dance goes as such,
Fear, then caution, learning, and fun.
My temper was a bit too much,
The only time that It would run.

Everywhere I went, It followed,
On my back, climbing trees and swings,
I saved It from being nearly swallowed,
By T-Rex, among other things.

The dew shone like never before
I watched ferns creep across the trees
I thought of time and how things grow,
And how some things are spread by breeze.

But then, a herd of mad small Its
Stormed in my cave and shot small twigs.
That pierced my skin and twisted fits
I screamed, cried, and clenched my ribs.

I rose and leapt through my cave door,
Thrashed through my homeland once so still.
They chased, down on the forest floor,
My It amongst them, against its will.

The forest ended, I jumped down,
Halted at the edge of a cliff.
To die by arrows or to drown?
I woke up on the deck of a ship.

Off the ship, and into a cage,
Through land with trees I’d never seen.
Climbing never looked less fun,
Tall, thin squares with metallic glean.

Locked indoors in my dark new home
They brought my It with golden hair,
On stage, and forced me to perform,
It watched me with a sad, blue stare.

One day It came and set me free,
I grabbed It and we hurried away.
Set out to find the tallest tree,
Which happened to be both square and gray.

I reached the peak and strained an ear,
Heard shouts of fear from down below,
A metal bird was circling near,
“King Kong, please let our dear Ann go!”


One comment

  1. Lisa · April 20, 2014

    Haha I like it and it got me to wondering what age you are and what state of mind when crawling on your hands and knees.

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