Go the Extra Mile. Wait, Come Back!

I scrambled to work toting bags galore,
An old foe glared as I passed through the door.
“Still has that chip on his shoulder,” my coworker sighed.
I glanced at his shoulder, hmm, no potatoes fried.

As I walked by the receptionist he dropped his pen,
Bags flipped over my head as I started to bend,
“Don’t bend over backward,” he said with affection
I paused, for bending forward was my direction.

Later in my meeting, with my bags at my feet
My boss walked in, and before taking a seat
She asked if I’d like a cup of Joe?
Horrified, and for Joe’s sake, I said no.

I showcased tables, charts, graphs, and pies,
That explained our company’s lows and highs.
Boss said, “Wow, what a piece of cake!”
Which confused me because I never bake.

“I don’t mean to be a backseat driver,
But could you move that chart up higher?”
Oh boss, who thinks we’re in a car,
I think you’re working much too hard.

“And, I don’t mean to step on your toes…”
She interjected, I looked down and froze.
There was nothing on my feet but my shoes
So I waited ’til she continued with her news.

“Actions are louder than words,” my boss prodded,
Wondering if my neck had popped when I nodded
“So I am promoting you, and you get a raise.”
I beamed at this gesture and the kind praise.



  1. Elan Mudrow · September 16, 2014

    Wow! Nice writing. Thanks for the good read.
    check out:

  2. Celia · September 20, 2014

    Am soo glad you’re back! Have missed we tremendously!

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