Please and Prank You

There was a girl,
Who so loved surprises.
Her closet contained
A trillion disguises.

Around every corner,
She waited to scream.
She’d pull every chair
Right out from your seat.

Buying you flowers
For any occasion.
Spurring unprompted
Balloon invasions.

Elaborate pranks
Dreamed up while she slept.
As soon as one finished
The next one she prepped.

One day she was asked
Why was she obsessed?
The answer is one
You may not have guessed.

“As I grew up,
I was always surprised
That a tree could grow
From a nut, pint-sized.

I couldn’t believe
That humans like me
Sprouted from something
As small as a pea.

Everywhere I glanced,
I was surprised,
At night by the stars,
And at day by the skies.

Around every corner,
Beyond every turn,
I find something new;
It makes my heart churn.

And then there’s inventions,
Oh don’t get me started.
Then there’s exploring,
The places we’ve charted!

And humans and kindness,
A heart-warming pair,
I’m always touched by
What people will share.

I’ll never know
What each day has in store.
It’s a feeling I love,
And I want to spread more.

It might be too much,
But I’m aiming to light
A love for unknown
Out of ordinary life.”


One comment

  1. Celia Shue · November 20, 2014

    You put the smile on my face! Loved it Jess!

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