The Seven (Billion) Wonders of the World**

The list began with seven
Wonders on this planet earth,
Some of natural beauty,
Some of shiny worth.

But the list forgot one place,
Or rather seven billion,
The human body is a maze,
Its wonders, many million.

Beginning at the top:

Mount Never Say Neverest*, a brain,
Taking years to grow to size.
But with time, belief, and hard work
Its peak may cause surprise.

Then down the slope of the nose
To the Great Barrier of Teeth*,
So strong they Machew Picchew*,
And help you when you eat.

Teeth covered by solar ecLIPS*,
Blocking light from the mouth.
When it’s only partial eclipse,
A smile can peek out.

The Great Wall of Spine-a*
Helps you stand up straight.
It lines the mountain of your body,
Provides courage to change your fate.

Then the vast Gastric Canyon*
With a river rushing through,
Millions of food bits every year
Travel far and wide and to.

Colofeetum* at the legs’ end,
Showcase speed of many sorts.
There are two of them to help you,
For peace, battle, or sports.

Not only is it a wonder,
That the body gets things done.
It also helps you out,
When things are not so fun.

The Kneethern Lights* appear
When you bruise your knee,
Changing shapes and colors
Until the pain will flee.

Tears spout like an Eyeser*,
When you are feeling sad,
Release pressure from your mind,
And soon you may feel glad.

This is just to name a few
Of our body’s brilliant features.
In this quite impressive world,
We are truly wondrous creatures.

* Mount Everest
* Great Barrier Reef
* Machu Picchu
* Solar Eclipse
* Great Wall of China
* Grand Canyon
* Colosseum
* Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
* Geyser, Old Faithful
** 7,040,295,767 = World population on September 19, 2012 at 1:30 am.

Captain Flea
He was just a wee vagabond flea,
Hopping around, crying, “Woe is me.”
Tired, and hungry, with no one to bite,
Crawled into a bottle to rest for the night.
Woke up to a sharp glare in his eyes,
Looked around, much to his surprise,
Found he was in a shipwrecked scene.
What, oh what, could this possibly mean?
Just days ago he camped on a rug,
Now appeared to be a seafaring bug.
But the boat around him was ripped to shreds,
With wood in pieces and sails in threads.
He hopped onto what was once a plank
Wondering if all the crewmembers sank.
While he was taking all this scenery in
He noticed a hooked piece of metal, thin,
Moving toward him at a terrifying pace,
It hooked around the sagging mast base.
The hook yanked and before he could flit
The sails looked like the wind had just hit.
Flea was confused, how could this be?
The boat that was sagging could now gain speed.
The hook came back and repaired the deck.
How could a boat arise out of this wreck?
After the hook came a thin little brush,
Sweeping the deck, applying some blush.
Soon the boat was clean, and good as new,
Flea jumped on board, thought I’ll need a crew,
“If I am to be Captain of this fine ship,
I need a deckhand, a firstmate, a cook and a skip!”
Captain Flea had spoken, he forgot out loud,
And before him he noticed a termite had bowed.
“My name is Chip and if it pleases you aught,
I be your firstmate on this beauty, this yacht?”
Captain Flea thought it fitting to then give a speech,
“Lets go and capture ourselves a Fleat!
So fire up the propellers and go full throttle
If we are ever making it out of this bottle!”

Wardrobe Waltz
Time to rise and shine,
I would say to my clothes.
Wouldn’t it be nice
If socks crept up our toes?
And the pants danced on over,
Waltzing with the shoes,
And bowed at my feet,
And asked, “How do you do’s?”
I’d ask my shirt if it pleases
To be worn today?
My shirt’s rather shy,
But says yes, anyway.
I’m almost out the door,
When a tap on my shoulder,
It’s jacket! “Old pal,” it says,
“The day’s getting colder.”
At the end of the day,
I could tuck them all in,
Bid them sweet dreams,
‘Til ‘morn, we dance again.


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